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Join us to fully develop YOUR natural psychic and medium abilities with others worldwide!

Calling All Empaths, Psychics, Mediums, and Lightworkers!

My name is Beth Layne. I have been a professional psychic medium for well over 25 years. My passion is teaching, mentoring, and coaching natural empaths, psychics, and mediums and helping them to fully realize their empath, psychic, and medium abilities and ultimately use them in service of others through one on one as well as group mentoring programs.

I truly believe if you have natural empath, psychic, and/or medium abilities, you have them for a reason, and that reason is to serve others in some way by using them. If you were not meant to use them, you would not have them! 

If you are a natural empath, psychic, medium, or possess any other natural spiritual ability, you are being called to use those abilities!

I have developed this community to help YOU further develop your natural abilities!

There is something for all levels, from true beginners to the more advanced, those learning to get their services out to the world, and even those who are already working as professional empaths, psychics, mediums, and lightworkers!

Shine YOUR Brightest Light!

The world needs your special abilities of light more now than ever before! There is indeed a reason we are all here with these abilities at this point in time!

We each have our own set of abilities, paths, and purposes with those specific abilities. Find your special path and purpose for yours through exploring all the various ways to use them in the service of others and our world!

A Few Benefits of Joining Our Network Spirit 222

  • Meet other empaths, psychics, mediums, and lightworkers from all over the world! Network with others and learn from each other's experiences while finding valuable support and friendship!
  • Tons of content for all levels of empath, psychic, and medium development to help you better understand as well as learn and grow in your natural abilities 
  • Special circles specific to each ability as well as specific uses and careers with each ability complete with practice exercises specific to each ability and events
  • Events on different metaphysical topics to help you grow and learn through learning different metaphysical topics held by your host and other lightwork professionals
  • Courses and classes on different metaphysical topics that are only available to members to help you find your specific paths of service with your abilities
  • A chat feature for engaging in discussions and for sharing experiences with other members of Spirit 222
  • Follow content topics and other members to follow those topics and people who pique your interest or with whom you have much in common
  • Find others to practice what you have learned with through practice groups and special circles
  • Have your questions answered by a professional empathic psychic medium with over 25 years of professional experience both in service of others as well as teaching others about their own special abilities.
  • Special discounts on one on one empath, psychic, and medium development sessions and practice sessions
  • Special circles for learning how to get your services out to the world through website development, career leads, and social media marketing and branding information
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